Products for Affiliates
Products for Affiliates
Products that We Offer:
Report that requires permission from the Individual:
  1. Personal Credit Report.
Reports that do NOT require permission from the Individual:
  1. Personal Predictive Caltec Score® Report.
  2. Corporate Predictive Caltec Score® Report.
  3. Corporate Credit Report.
  4. Public Information Report.
  5. Report for Purposes of Collections or Localization.
  6. Telephone Report.
  7. Vehicle Report.
  8. Vehicle Insurance Report.
  9. General Risk Insurance Report.
  10. Check Endorsement Screening Report [ DECK ].
  1. Risk Management System® [ SAR® ].
  2. Lookout System.
  3. Electronic Anti-Fraud System [ SAFE ].
  4. Acknowledgement of Receipt System.
  5. System for Screening of Information Applications by Batches.
  6. Service of Standardization and Unification of client portfolios.
Our offices are located at the following addresses:
In Santo Domingo :
Calle Gaspar Polanco N° 314,
Ensanche Bella Vista, Santo Domingo,
República Dominicana.
In Santiago :
Avenida Juan Pablo Duarte,
esquina Maimón, Módulo 301,
Plaza Trinitaria, Santiago,
República Dominicana.
In Plaza Comercial Megacentro :
Avenida San Vicente de Paul Esquina Carretera Mella,
Primer Nivel, Paseo del Caribe,
Los Mina Norte, Santo Domingo,
República Dominicana.
In La Romana :
Avenida Gregorio Luperón N° 4,
Edificio Patio Panatlántico,
1er piso, Local N°. 3, La Romana,
República Dominicana.

Nota: The Citizen Service Unit in these cities operates inside
the branch office.

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