Services for Affiliates
Services for Affiliates
Services for Affiliates
Available Data Bases

At present, we provide credit information on more than 220 million records, associated with 12 million credits, coming from more than 130 banking, financial, micro-financial and cooperative institutions, regulated by the Superintendence of Banks of the Dominican Republic.

We also incorporate information associated with accounts receivable of Dominican commercial and industrial companies.

Filter Screening by Batches

Uses and Benefits:

  • Telemarketing.
  • Screening and analysis of Client Portfolio.
  • Ability to process unlimited numbers of applications.


  • Complete Reports.
  • Information in Excel Format.
  • Information in Other Formats.
Online Access for Credit Scoring

Information Available for decision-making:

  • Global FDR [Risk Factor]:
    • Present and Weighted Present.
    • Historical and Weighted Historical.
  • Overdue and Delinquent Statistics: Worst, Most Recent, Oldest, Highest Amount in Arrears.
  • Monitoring and histories of Accounts.
  • Telephones and Related Addresses.
  • Any other data presented in the Credit Report.
Corporate Intelligence System [INTELICORP]


  • Increase your business.
  • Protect your accounts and your credit portfolio.
  • Effectively implement the policy: "Know Your Client".
  • Reduce economic losses related to your productive activities.

The Corporate Intelligence System [INTELICORP] is made up of the following products and services:

  • Anti-Electronic Fraud System [SAFE].
  • Risk Management System® [SAR®].
  • Lookout System.
Electronic Anti-Fraud System [SAFE]
  • SAFE Module integrated into the Credit Report.
  • On-Line Access to the SAFE System.
  • System for Printing SAFE Acknowledgements of Receipt.
Risk Management System® [SAR®]

Implement the Risk Management System® [SAR®] in your business to keep daily, weekly, and monthly automated control of the variation in credit risk associated with your prospects and clients, so that the affiliate is immediately informed whenever a variation occurs, so that he can make the pertinent preventative and protection measures quickly and at his discretion. Likewise, the affiliate could use the SAR® system to conveniently make strategic business decisions in order to increase sales on credit.

Lookout System

Lookout is a Corporate Intelligence System useful for recuperating Compulsive Collections accounts, and to locate debtors who have disappeared or are reluctant to pay.

Our offices are located at the following addresses:
In Santo Domingo :
Calle Gaspar Polanco N° 314,
Ensanche Bella Vista, Santo Domingo,
República Dominicana.
In Santiago :
Avenida Juan Pablo Duarte,
esquina Maimón, Módulo 301,
Plaza Trinitaria, Santiago,
República Dominicana.
In Plaza Comercial Megacentro :
Avenida San Vicente de Paul Esquina Carretera Mella,
Primer Nivel, Paseo del Caribe,
Los Mina Norte, Santo Domingo,
República Dominicana.
In La Romana :
Avenida Gregorio Luperón N° 4,
Edificio Patio Panatlántico,
1er piso, Local N°. 3, La Romana,
República Dominicana.

Nota: The Citizen Service Unit in these cities operates inside
the branch office.

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