Service to Client or Affiliate
Service to Client or Affiliate

Our Customer Service department is always prepared to respond to any need or concern our Clients or Affiliates may have.

The services we offer include the following:

  • Credit Report Applications.
  • Service Plan Changes.*
  • Access Problems.*

* These services are available only for Affiliated Clients of Data-Crédito.

Enroll a New User

Whenever our Affiliated Clients so require, they can apply for enrollment of a new user.


  1. Letter authorizing the creation of the new user, signed and sealed by the upper management or administration of the affiliated institution, for example: Financial Manager, Human Resources Manager, Administrative Manager, etc.
  2. Correctly fill out and return the enrollment application form, signed and sealed by the affiliated institution.

Once these documents are received, the client service department will immediately proceed to set up the new user, and will provide the affiliate with the new user name and his password.

To facilitate the process of enrolling a new user, we allow you to download our Form to Enroll an Authorized User in the following formats:

To see and print the PDF format, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader®

Available Training

We are quite willing to offer training to the users of our affiliates, both personalized and by group, according to all the requirements of our clients.

We perform trainings in:

- Access:
How to access the various services of our Data-Crédito 2022 system.
- Uses and Interpretation:
How to make efficient use and interpret our various products, such as:

  • Personal Credit Report.
  • Corporate Credit Report.
  • Public Information Report.
  • Personal Localization Report.
  • Vehicle Report.
  • Vehicle Insurance Report.
  • Risk Insurance Report.
  • Life Insurance Report.
  • DECK Report [Screen of Check Endorsers].
  • Screening by Batches.
  • On-Line Access to Implement "Credit Scoring" Systems.
  • Data Clean-up Service [Standardization and Unification of Client Portfolio].
  • Anti- Electronic Fraud System [SAFE].
  • Risk Management System® [SAR®]
  • Lookout System.

Plus our information services:

  • Screening by Batches with Filters
  • On-Line Access for Credit Scoring
  • Corporate Intelligence System [INTELICORP]
  • Anti- Electronic Fraud System [SAFE]
  • Risk Management System® [SAR®]
  • Lookout System
Our offices are located at the following addresses:
In Santo Domingo :
Calle Gaspar Polanco N° 314,
Ensanche Bella Vista, Santo Domingo,
República Dominicana.
In Santiago :
Avenida Juan Pablo Duarte,
esquina Maimón, Módulo 301,
Plaza Trinitaria, Santiago,
República Dominicana.
In Plaza Comercial Megacentro :
Avenida San Vicente de Paul Esquina Carretera Mella,
Primer Nivel, Paseo del Caribe,
Los Mina Norte, Santo Domingo,
República Dominicana.
In La Romana :
Avenida Gregorio Luperón N° 4,
Edificio Patio Panatlántico,
1er piso, Local N°. 3, La Romana,
República Dominicana.

Nota: The Citizen Service Unit in these cities operates inside
the branch office.

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